Food Packaging Labels

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Pioneers in Food and Beverage Labeling Across Dubai and GCC

At Bedyahpack, we stand as one of the foremost Food and Beverage Label Suppliers, serving the dynamic landscape of Dubai and GCC. We specialize in crafting custom food labels that embrace premium metallic finishes, a kaleidoscope of colors, an array of materials, and diverse shapes of your preference. Our Food Labels are meticulously designed to thrust your product into the limelight, captivating potential buyers and leading them to that pivotal purchasing decision.

A Myriad of Food Labeling Solutions

With over a decade of unwavering commitment to the Labeling Industry, we bring forth a level of excellence underpinned by cutting-edge technology. Every label we produce is a testament to our unwavering dedication. Our catalog offers an extensive array of sizes, coupled with top-notch label materials and adhesives. You can choose from a spectrum that includes permanent, removable, freezer-grade, and dissolvable labels. Let’s take a glimpse into some of our Food Label Solutions.


In the realm of food services, safety is paramount. Our Food Safety Day Labels are your stalwart partners in ensuring food safety compliance. These simple, color-coded “Day Labels” come pre-printed with essential information, including Item Name, Prep Date, Prep Time, Day of the Week, Use by Date, Handling Instructions, and more. Available in both permanent and removable adhesives, they can withstand a wide temperature range, helping you manage food stock rotation efficiently. Day Dot Stickers, Square Shaped Day Labels, Universal Food Rotation Labels, and Octagon Labels are part of our Day Label variety, each contributing to your commitment to health and safety, while also boosting your profitability.


Our “USE First Dot Stickers” offer a quick and effortless way to monitor inventory in restaurants, cafés, school cafeterias, and various commercial food preparation spaces. These stickers, measuring 50mm in bright red and orange colors, feature bold fonts that grab immediate attention. With removable adhesive, they leave no residue upon removal. You can stock up conveniently with our pack of 6 Use First Sticker Rolls, comprising 500 Labels per Roll. These stickers effectively communicate the status of your food products and mitigate the risk of food contamination.


Food allergy sufferers depend on labels to navigate their dietary choices. Our Allergen Food Labels are designed with utmost clarity, ensuring that any allergens present in the food are swiftly identified and adhered to the container. These innovative labels provide crucial information for making informed dietary decisions, particularly for those with severe food allergies.


Proper food and ingredient labeling are cornerstones of any professional kitchen. Our Dissolvable Use By / Expiry Labels sport a simple design and are crafted from eco-friendly materials with water-based inks. They offer 100% dissolvability, vanishing completely upon contact with water, leaving no residue behind. Widely favored by restaurants, food trucks, hotels, delis, fast-food outlets, and grocery stores, Use By Labels are essential for tracking the shelf life of food and ingredients.


In the realm of frozen stock management, our Production / Expiry Freezer Grade Labels stand out. They are equipped with a special freezer adhesive that ensures their stability on food packaging, even after thawing. These labels cater to a variety of frozen food items, making them a versatile addition to any kitchen, facilitating hassle-free frozen stock monitoring.